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On this site you will find open-source projects around avr-microcontroller and single-board computer (raspi beaglebone) mainly in assembler, arduino c and python. All new projects will be in English (older projects in German).
To see all topics, use the sitemap. New projects in news.

Reading Luxemburgish Smartmeters
Baking SMD:
Using reflow oven PUHUI T-962A
Measuring fine dust:
Building a particulate matter sensor
Creative-lab space minimg rover:
Snyder 1 (enlish + german)
AVR Assembler tutorial (german, pdf):
Complete tutorial (412 pages)
Python tutorial (german):
Tkinter, raspi interface and webserver
Tips and Tricks for:
Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32, raspi, bbb...
Raspi touch panel with Kivy and MQTT
Oscilloscope clock
with internet time (Teensy or ESP32)
MQTT over Wifi:
Creative-Lab IoT-board
PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR
Creative Lab RT soldering station
Efficient alarm clock:
low radiation, big display, music player
Small USB library:
in Assembler, Bascom and C
AVR Evaluation board
MIDI Over The Air:
MIDI wireless with XBEE
Short circuit resistant buffer board (raspi)
Rotary dial phone with raspberry pi
Arduino library for display GTK281
(NT7534 parallel)
the mobile measurement station
Single board home server:
Debian, openHAB 2, MQTT
CAN bus display for EV Nissan Leaf
Logging up to 8 S0 interfaces
Kyub hacks:
i.a. MIDI interface for Kyub
Voltage, vurrent and power on USB
Arduino cellphone
7x serial on beaglebone:
Logging data with python
AVR ISP mk2:
compatible pogrammer with Teensy

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