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On this site you will find open-source projects around avr-microcontroller and single-board computer (raspi beaglebone) mainly in assembler, arduino c and python. All new projects will be in English (older projects in German). To see all topics, use the sitemap. New projects in news.

Reading Luxemburgish Smartmeters
Baking SMD:
Using reflow oven PUHUI T-962A
Measuring fine dust:
Building a particulate matter sensor
Oscilloscope clock
with internet time (Teensy or ESP32)
Creative-lab space minimg rover:
Snyder 1 (enlish + german)
Electronics tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
Microelectronics tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
Interface & bus tutorial (english):
Tutorial for the BTS-IoT
AVR Assembler tutorial (german, pdf):
Complete tutorial (412 pages)
Python tutorial (german):
Tkinter, raspi interface and webserver
Tips and Tricks for:
Teensy, ESP8266, ESP32, raspi, bbb...
Raspi touch panel with Kivy and MQTT
Single board home server:
Debian, openHAB 2, MQTT
MQTT over Wifi:
Creative-Lab IoT-board
PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR
Creative Lab RT soldering station
Efficient alarm clock:
low radiation, big display, music player
Small USB library:
in Assembler, Bascom and C
AVR experiments board
MICES2 2 Arduino:
AVR Arduino experiments board
MIDI Over The Air:
MIDI wireless with XBEE
Short circuit resistant buffer board (raspi)
Rotary dial phone with raspberry pi
Arduino libraries for displays 128x64
(NT7534/SSD1322 parallel or i2c)
the mobile measurement station
CAN bus display for EV Nissan Leaf
Logging up to 8 S0 interfaces
Kyub hacks:
i.a. MIDI interface for Kyub
Simple Midi monitor
with Teensy and OLED display
Voltage, vurrent and power on USB
Arduino cellphone
7x serial on beaglebone:
Logging data with python
AVR ISP mk2:
compatible pogrammer with Teensy

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