Energy data and air data for Luxemburg

last updated: 16/03/19

Air data Mersch/Luxembourg

Here the data for Sylvester 2018 (click on the image!):

Sylvester 2018 Sylvester 2018

Photovoltaic (PV) data Mersch/Luxembourg

The following PV data of 4 units is showing that this form of energy is technically mature. The units (approx. 130m²) are producing the double in energy needed by a 6 person household. This includes the energy for heating (heatpump) and the electric car (Nissan Leaf). The data is aimed to help comparing different PV units, and to give an overview of the solar radiation in Luxembourg.

Data from two identical photovoltaic units with 4kWp from 2002, one unit with 2.7kWp from 2008 and one unit with 10kWp from 2017:

  1. Unit (WG) 2002: 4kWp, angle of inclination 45°, azimuth +15° (15° west)
  2. Unit (WP) 2002: 4kWp, angle of inclination 30° azimuth -75° (75° east)
  3. Unit (WK) 2008: 2.7kWp angle of inclination 19° azimuth +15° (15° west)
  4. Unit (AU) 2017: 2x5kWp angle of inclination 10° azimuth +90/-90° (east/west)

Yearly data:


Monthly data:


Daily data:

day 2017


Energy data for Luxemburg 2012 (german)

Getting Energy data for Luxembourg was not easy in the past. Fortunately for several years now, we can get data from the Luxemburgish regulatory authority and the statistical office The following course in German from the 12 class T2EE contains many information and graphics: