Other projects

I can't guaranty a faultless project, so using the information is at one's own risk.

OctoPi for Felix

We have 7 felixprinters (TEC 4.1) at our school. Often we forget to cut them from the power over weekend. We wanted a solution with a better manual interface, a camera to watch the print remotely and the possibility to switch them off remotely. Fortunately there is octoprint and octopi. Octopi4Felix

Baking SMD

Baking SMD I love baking bread. Here are my first results with the reflow oven PUHUI T-962A. Finally lead-free soldering without stress :).

PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR

I like a website without JavaScript or PHP. But to add new pages to my site took too much time. So I wrote a little Python program to simplify the task.
For my pages I use Markdown which gives a very readable file, and helps to focus on the content.
The structure of the homepage is given by the directory tree. The names of the directories are also the names and links in menu and sidebar. A simple configuration file allows to change CSS properties like the font-size or background colour.
PYthon Simple HomePage CREATOR

3D Prints

3D Printing Christmas 2013 I got a Felix 3.0 dual DIY Kit from felixprinters. I'm very happy with this printer (upgraded to Felix 3.1, 4.0, 4.1) because it produces accurate results. We also use three Felix 3.0 (upgraded to 4.1) in our Creative Lab in school. Simplify3D is my preferred software for 3D printing.