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Electronics Fundamentals

electronics This tutorial covers electronics fundamentals and is used as course in the training to the Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS) Internet of Things (IoT) in the Lycée des Arts et Métiers in Luxembourg.

The course is suited to study on your own, the focus lying on learning by doing.

1. The Rover
2. Hey Mr Ohm
3. Kirchhoff's circuit laws
4. Power and Energy
5. Alternating Current
6. Capacitor and Inductor
7. Diode and Transistor

The Python and Raspi training course (in german)

The Python and Raspi training course is in German for my students (INFAP angewandte Informatik in der 13. Klasse). It covers graphical user interface with tkinter and ttk-widgets, file operations, accessing bus-interfaces (eia232, i2c) with the Raspi and hardware access with Raspi as webserver.

Grafische Benutzeroberfläche mit Tkinter und Ttk-Widgets
Dateioperationen mit Python
Schnittstellen mit dem Raspi (EIA232, I2C, 1-Wire)
Webseiten mit HTML5 und CSS3 (kurze Einführung)
Hardware steuern mit dem Raspi als Webserver

Assembler with ATMEL®-AVR®-microcontroller (in german)

AVR Assembler The assembler tutorial (pdf) uses ATMEL®-AVR®-microcontroller (ATmega32A) and is used in school (MICRO 12th and 13th grade). It is written to encourage "learning by doing". The tutorial covers many subjects, even interfaces like USB, and has near 400 pages.

Mikrocontrollertechnik-Kursus MODUL_A
Mikrocontrollertechnik-Kursus MODUL_B
Mikrocontrollertechnik-Kursus MODUL_C
Mikrocontrollertechnik-Kursus MODUL_D
Mikrocontrollertechnik-Kursus MODUL_F_Anhang


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