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ESP32 tips and tricks

last updated: 02/05/19

Configure Arduino

Finally its possible to add the ESP32 framework simply by adding a text line to to "File > Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs:".

Copy the following line:


to "File > Preferences > Additional Boards Manager URLs:".

Go to "Tools > Board:".." > Boards Manager..." and scroll down. Then click install.

MHEtLive ESP32-Mini-Kit

The MH ET LIVE ESP32MiniKit has the formfactor of the WEMOS/LOLIN D1 mini pro ESP8266 boards and is interesting if you want to replace such a board with an ESP32.

Software Link: https://github.com/MHEtLive.

The blue LED can be accessed with LED_BUILTIN in Arduino. It is connected to GPIO2 (not related with the original WEMOS/LOLIN Pins) and uses negative logic!!

!! Serial is not the same as for the Wemos D1 mini pro!!

TxD and RxD are reversed. There is an error on the pinout! RxD is the outer pin.

Arduino Serial1 is on SD3 (u1TxD, GPIO10) and SD2 (u1RxD, GPIO9 (didn't work on a first test?)). Arduino Serial2 is on GPIO17 (u2TxD) and GPIO16 (u2RxD).