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SmartyReader: Reading Luxembourgish smartmeter data

last updated: 08/06/20 (created 16/08/2017)

As the SmartyReader exists now in different forms this page was split up. Here the different links:

SmartyReader: Reading Luxembourgish smartmeter data from P1 interface

The original using a WEMOS/LOLIN D1 mini pro (ESP8266) and communicating via MQTT over WiFi. It is also possible to use an ESP32.


SmartyReader⁔: Reading 5 or 6 Luxembourgish smartmeter (P1 interface)

A Teensy 3.6 is used (6 Uarts!!) to read and publish up to 6 smartmeter over MQTT. It is connected via Ethernet to your network (WiFi possible!).


SmartyReader LED: Reading LEDs with the Creative-Lab IoT-board

The consumption or production can be read on the blinking LED of the smartmeter. A tandem Teensy 2.0 - WEMOS/LOLIN D1 mini pro (ESP8266) gets the data and publishes over MQTT via WiFi.