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CLEVER the Electric Vehicle Charging Station

last updated: 11/03/20

CLEVER stands for Creative-Lab Electric Vehicle Energy Reloader ;) and is a charging station for electric cars.

This page exists for the moment only to help the students in their project. Later on it will describe the station in detail.

The concept

Solar energy is becoming more and more important in the power grid and will supply more energy than necessary around midday in the foreseeable future. Solar energy is only available during daytime and has to be stored. Electric vehicles need solar energy and own the needed storage capacity.

During the day, most cars are at work where there is no charging infrastructure. Current charging stations are often expensive and try to allow fast charging. This also requires a considerable expansion of the grid. This is not necessary at the workplace because the owner charges at home and the car is still partially charged. Slow charging at the workplace uses solar energy, preserves the battery, and makes it possible to continue to use and build electric cars with lower battery capacity (e. g. second car). Plug-in hybrids can also increase their electric range and drive almost exclusively with renewable electric energy.

Link to German version (pdf)
Presentation in Luxembourgish

The station is based on the following project: https://www.openevse.com/


clever circuit
clever oled circuit

TIA 485

We use the chip Max487 with half-duplex. Each station has an address (00-99, first digit = bus, 2 digit is number on bus). The protocoll is TIA232 250000 bit/s 8N1. Each command begins with a dollar sign. Example of a command asking the time from the RTC (GT get time, bus 1, station 2):


More infos in the header file here: https://github.com/OpenEVSE/open_evse/blob/stable/firmware/open_evse/rapi_proc.h