Energy for Luxemburg

PV data Mersch per year

Data from two identical photovoltaic units with 4kWp from 2002, one unit with 2.7kWp from 2008 and one unit with 10kWp from 2017:

  1. Unit (WG): 4kWp, angle of inclination 45°, azimuth +15° (15° west)
  2. Unit (WP): 4kWp, angle of inclination 30° azimuth -75° (75° east)
  3. Unit (WK): 2.7kWp angle of inclination 19° azimuth +15° (15° west)
  4. Unit (AU): 2x5kWp angle of inclination 10° azimuth +90/-90° (east/west)

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Yearly data:

yearly data