3D printing

last updated: 2021-03-08

New Felix 3 with spare parts and a duet3d motherboard


After my upgrade of a Felix 4.1 dual head with a new Duet 3 6HC motherboard and a higher voltage I was really happy with the result:


As I had quite a bunch of spare parts from my old Felix 3 resulting from the updates, I decided to built a second Felix.

I bought a Felix 3 DIY kit in 2013, because it had good reviews and was fully open source. Unfortunately felixprinters decided to stop publishing the .stl files after the Felix 2. But I was lucky in misfortune because the Felix 2 files can be found in downloads and don't really differ from the newer parts.

M3x10mm countersunk screw instead of M3x8mm to fix the stepper motors.

Turn the stepper motor 90 on the zaxiscarrier because the 5 pol header is in the way.

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