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LoRa without WAN

last updated: 30/03/20


LoRa is the first possibility to reach all devices in a house by radio without repeater (long range). The second cool feature is the minimal power needed to do so. We can power our devices with batteries for a long time. The disadvantage is the reduction of data that can be processed, but temperature control must not be that very quick.

More about LoRa and LoRaWAN will be treated in the following tutorial:


The goal is to use all my heating thermostats with LoRa. The first step was to dive a little deeper in sleep modes, so that the thermostat and other devices could function on battery for al long time (min. 1 year). This information can be found in the tips and tricks section:


LoRa sender

The first LoRa sender will be an Arduino mega328p driven temperature and humidity sensor, running on 2 AAA alkaline batteries.

LoRa gateway